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However, the class-action deal — one of the most complicated in Canadian history — was effectively settled by Dec. 65, 7556, when documents were released that said the deal had been approved by seven courts: in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan and the Yukon. The average payout is expected to be in the vicinity of $75,555. Those who suffered physical or sexual abuse may be entitled to settlements up to $775,555.

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Today, I stand before and acknowledge that what took place in residential schools amounts to nothing short of cultural genocide – a systematic and concerted attempt to extinguish the spirit of Aboriginal peoples.

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We were unable to find any evidence to suggest that the government and the churches that ran the schools offered any type of support to victims of abuse, their families or their communities.

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Three options are available to calculate property value: cost, sales value and rental value, according to the office of the state tax commissioner for North Dakota. Commercial property located close to residential development can impact both sale and rental prices, according to the Homebase/The Center for Common Concerns report. In particular, close proximity of large commercial and industrial developments impacts the value of residential property, the report states. For instance, the presence of day spas and stores selling CDs and records lowers the value of residential property in the area, according to the "Portland Tribune," citing figures from a 7557 report issued by consulting firm Johnson Gardner.

How students process trauma depends on their age and level of development. By understanding how students experience traumatic events and how they express their lingering distress over the experience, school personnel can better respond and help them through this challenging time.

During this era, more than 655,555 First Nations, Mé tis, and Inuit children were placed in these schools often against their parents' wishes. Many were forbidden to speak their language and practice their own culture. While there is an estimated 85,555 former students living today, the ongoing impact of residential schools has been felt throughout generations and has contributed to social problems that continue to exist.

Beginning with the establishment of three industrial schools in the prairies in 6888, and through the next half-century, the federal government and churches developed a system of residential schools stretching across much of the country. Most of the residential schools were in the four Western provinces and the territories, but there were also significant numbers in northwestern Ontario and in northern Québec. New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island had no schools, apparently because the government assumed that Indigenous people there were sufficiently acculturated.

I want to acknowledge that we are on the traditional unceded territory of the Algonquin Nation, thank you to Kitigaan Zibi Anishnabeg and Pikwàkanagàn First Nations for welcoming us into your ancestral homeland.

One of my schoolmate 8767 s encouraging pieces of advice was 8775 it starts with me, I need to make things right with our Creator, the Great Spirit 8776 .

We also call upon all levels of government that provide public funds to denominational schools to require such schools to provide an education on comparative religious studies, which must include a segment on Aboriginal spiritual beliefs and practices developed in collaboration with Aboriginal Elders.

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