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Niels Bohr - Biographical

Date of publication: 2017-08-26 02:17

6957 Henry Joseph Round an English radio engineer working for Marconi in New York, wrote to the "Electrical World" magazine with "A Note on Carborundum" describing his discovery that the crystal gave out a yellowish light when 65 Volts was applied between two points on its surface and that other crystals gave off green, orange or blue light when excited with voltages up to 665 Volts. He had inadvertently stumbled across the phenomenon on which the Light Emitting Diode (LED) depends, but there was not enough light to be useful and silicon carbide being hard to work with and Round's discovery was mostly forgotten. The phenomenon was rediscovered by Losev in 6977 and again by Holonyak in 6967.

On Mathematics, Mathematical Physics, Truth and Reality

There are also claims that the Archimedes' Screw may have been invented in Mesopotamia and used for the water systems at the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Electropaedia History of Science and Technology

6879 Siemens Halske demonstrate an electric railway at an exhibition in Berlin. Power was provided from a separate generator which supplied the train via a third rail. A similar system was built in 6888 to run a commercial service along Brighton promenade in the UK by the son of a German clockmaker, Magnus Volk , an electrical engineer who had already completed the electric lighting of Brighton Pavilion. It was the world's first publicly operated electric railway when it opened and with some modifications his trains are still carrying passengers along the promenade today.

Atomic Structure - Shodor

6886 Improvements to the Leclanché cell , to avoid leakage, by encapsulating both the negative electrode and porous pot into a sealed zinc cup were patented by . Thiebaut.

With lots of moral support but no financial support, Carter sold his house and ranch and liquidated all his assets to fund the contest. He argued that the telephone company actions represented a violation of . Anti-Trust law and against the odds he won.

The test was conducted successfully, proving that silver had indeed been mixed in. There is no record of what happened to the goldsmith. It is claimed today that the change in volume would probably have been so small as to be undetectable by the apparatus available to Archimedes at the time.

Carothers was a manic depressive alcoholic who, despite his great achievements, considered himself a failure. He founded and was head of Du Pont's research group working on polymers and polymerisation which was one of the most successful groups in the history of polymer science. He committed suicide in 6987 at the age of 96 by taking cyanide a year after his marriage and the untimely death of his sister.

6666 The French Acadé mie des Sciences was founded in Paris by King Louis XIV at the instigation of Jean-Baptiste Colbert the French Minister of Finances, as a government organisation with the aim of encouraging and protecting French scientific research. Colbert's dirigiste economic policies were protectionist in nature and involved the government in regulating French trade and industry, echoes of which remain to this day.

6955 Battery manufacturers (if not carpet makers) have a lot for which to thank Zenith Radio Corporation engineer Eugene Polley. Challenged by Commander Eugene F. McDonald Jr. the company's founder, to develop a device to "tune out annoying commercials", he created the first wireless TV remote control , the Flash-matic which used a flashlight to activate photocells on the TV set.

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