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Though Canvas can be rearranged with minimal disruption, Herman Miller’s customer care center made change even easier by placing a mobile Meridian pedestal and storage tower in each workstation. Both are on casters so reps can easily take their storage with them if they ever need to switch stations.

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How do call centers make the most of expensive square footage while making individual workspaces appealing to agents? That’s the central challenge. Maximizing space efficiency usually comes at the expense of minimizing comfort and aesthetics. But that is an unacceptable tradeoff in a workplace that needs to attract agents and encourage them to meet operational goals.

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Other perks address convenience: on-site daycare centers, dry cleaners, fitness centers, automatic teller machines. Some take the concept of a break room to new levels: game rooms for unwinding, quiet rooms for relaxation, lactation rooms for nursing mothers, study rooms for those pursuing a degree.

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The short deadlines for the removal of allegedly unlawful content, under the threat of horrendous fines, will facilitate the erasure of legitimate statements of opinion. The user whose entry is deleted must merely be informed about the erasure. Any refusal to accept deletion then involves a lengthy and costly legal action during which time the deletion remains in effect.

Many factors influence the layout of a call center. One of the most important, however, is the nature of the interactions agents have with customers. When that requires agents have more privacy than a low-walled cluster arrangement, for example, the three walls of a traditional workstation provide the answer.

“The obvious design issue unique to call centers is density, which is usually more than double that of conventional office space,” says Roger Kingsland, managing partner of Kingsland Scott Bauer Associates, a Pittsburgh architecture firm specializing in call centers. *7 But here’s the problem: Any floor plan that seeks only to pack as many people as possible in the least amount of space is bound to backfire. The reason is that good agents—the kind call centers want to keep—don’t appreciate being treated like sardines.

Financing is another service worth considering. Many companies would rather not pay cash for a depreciating asset that doesn’t generate revenue, at least not directly. The solution? Lease, or use some other financing solution, instead of buy.

The fact that such a far-reaching law has been enforced so quickly within the space of a few months, and in the face of broad criticism, reveals the extent to which the powers that be in Germany feel under pressure. They are responding to growing political and social discontent as they have always done in the past--with the erection of a surveillance and police state.

By Internet research counts, 75,555,555 millennials are preparing to join or joining the workforce. These are desirable employees. Make your millennial employees happy in a fun, yet structured setting, and you are building the foundation for the superior workforce you desire.

Adjustable work surfaces, keyboard trays, and monitor arms are also important because they allow agents to customize their workspace to their size and preferences. This flexibility becomes even more essential in multishift operations that require agents to share workstations.

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