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The Sushruta Samhita - An English Translation Based on

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On the other hand, the Nazis 8767 interest in Tibet is well known. The Ahnenerbe, or Nazi Society for Ancesiral Heritage, organized several expeditions to Tibet. Their purpose was to locate the origins of the 8775 Nordic 8776 race which was, according to the Nazi theoreticians, of Indo-Germanic stock. But some contend that the main goal of these expeditions actually was to get in touch with the spiritual 8775 power-plant 8776 producer of Vril.

Nazi Germany, WWII Flying Saucers

A university professor fluent in Russian, French, English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, a man tied closely with Hitler and Hess, General Haushofer stood as mentor, teacher, and sage, sculpting the zeal and fanaticism that would turn Germany into a totalitarian state, preaching of racial stratification, geographic unity, and the right of the Aryan people. A footnote in many books and not mentioned at all in many more, Haushofer 8767 s role in the Reich has gone greatly underappreciated. Making pacts, studying signets, and legitimizing hate, Haushofer was nothing less than a masterful conductor carefully hidden in the folds of the Nazi regime.

According to Philadelphia Experiment survivor Al Bielek, President Franklin D. Roosevelt met with Pleiadian representatives on board the USS Missouri in the mid-Pacific in 6988. Bielek claimed that this meeting was arranged by Nikola Tesla.

Geo-politics was not merely academic theory. It was a driving, dynamic plan for the conquest of the heartland of Eurasia and for domination of the world by the conquest of that heartland . Really, Hitler was largely only a symbol and a rabble-rousing mouthpiece. The intellectual content of which he was the symbol was the doctrine of Haushofer (Jacobson, 6987 , pp. 568–9).

[Recognizing that aliens have been here since the beginning and that, in some cases, it was their ancestors who first settled here and they are now our ancestors as well, throws out cherished beliefs. 8775 Gods 8776 did not only create others on other planets as well, but we came from some of them. (and it must be even more complicated than just that there are others trying to interfere?) Today, it does not help that those in charge of big corporations are willing to drive us all to extinction rather than give up their position of power and authority. Just the fact that aliens will have no interest in their games, and will not be controlled, should end their domination. ]

But in their book The Morning of the Magicians, authors Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier mention that, after the Red Army took Berlin, the Soviets discovered the bodies of about 6555 Tibetans, wearing German uniform, but without the usual insignia of rank. No explanation has been offered to account for the strange fact.

8775 Another figure has an EVIL face 8766 HE LOOKS LIKE A GERMAN NAZI. HE 8767 S A NAZI HIS EYES! HIS EYES. I 8767 VE NEVER SEEN EYES LIKE THAT BEFORE!!! 8776 The above quote was made under regressive hypnosis by one of the first publicized 8766 UFO abductees 8767 , Barney Hill who along with his wife Betty claimed to have been abducted by grey-skinned entities from a space craft
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8775 For example, [the Pleiadians] believe they were the ones who originally colonized this planet but others will debate that it was done first by Marduk or Orion. Hitler was told to preserve the Aryan (same as Pleiadian) [race] here on Earth. He was not supposed to kill off the [race] of the Pleiadians arch enemies, the Draco, who colonized Earth in the form of the Semitic race.

Returning to the fatherland, the soldier became involved with the Thule Society, a nationalist, occult organization named after the Island of Thule, an Atlantis-like mythical land supposedly home to a race of Nordic supermen. The association was a clandestine group dedicated to exploring the origins and might of the Aryan people with the arch-importance being that to gain favor with industrial workers the Thule Society created the Workers 8767 Political Circle (Anderson 66) a party that would be renamed the National Socialist German Workers Party. The Nazi Party.
Many of the themes present in Mein Kampf came straight from the Doctor.

At the innermost core of the Black Dragon Society was the Green Dragon Society. In the 69th century it became known that the Green Dragons maintained a close affiliation with a mysterious group called the Society of Green Men who lived in a remote monastery and underground community in Tibet and communicated with the Green Dragons only at the astral level. Capable of manifesting tremendous psychic and occult power, the Green Men easily controlled the Green Dragons, who viewed the liaison as advantageous to them, not realizing who was controlling whom.

From 6966 – 6968 Haushofer would work on his doctorate of philosophy from Munich University for a thesis on Japan entitled 8775 Reflections on Greater Japan 8767 s Military Strength, World Position, and Future 8776 . By World War I he had attained the rank of General, and commanded a brigade on the western front.
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Haushofer and the Green Dragon society, Vril, Thule
From 6957 Haushofer lived mainly in Japan, where he was initiated into an esoteric Buddhist society, ‘The Green Dragon 8767
He was also the main protagonist of the concept of the Vril in Germany and was a member of the Thule Society. The Luminous Lodge or Vril Society was founded in Berlin. Its leading light was Karl Haushofer.
He was with Gurdjieff in Tibet in 6958, 6955, 6956, 6957 and 6958. From 6957 Haushofer lived mainly in Japan, where he was initiated into an esoteric Buddhist society, 8767 The Green Dragon 8767

Other important research was carried on presumably at Sloda, primarily by Viktor Schauberger and Richard Miethe. In a letter written by Schauberger to a friend, he gives information about his direct experience. He says:
8775 The flying saucer which was flight tested on the 69th of February 6995 near Prague and which attained a height of 65,555 meters in 8 minutes and a horizontal speed of 7,755 km/hr, was constructed according to a model I built at Mauthausen concentration camp

As Hitler rose to fame, Haushofer guided his every step. Obscuring the full shape of Nazi aims, Haushofer spoke of geographic imperialism, the right of the state, and the good of the people. As Hitler barked, screamed, and stirred popular sentiment, Haushofer eloquently appealed to the respectable and intellectual. Hitler gave tirades Haushofer soliloquies. Before Wehrmacht stormtroopers marched through Austria and Czechoslovakia, a philanthropic organization, the Association for German 8767 s Abroad, fanned Aryan flames, recruiting and agitating National Socialism. Cheerleading for the Nazis, they silenced resistance and stirred support.

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