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Date of publication: 2017-09-03 23:01

A group of Charlotte Catholic mothers told me that the parents were so angry because the nun’s talk highlighted their own personal shortcomings. “Their sins are coming to light divorce, promiscuity, contraception, abortion, even homosexuality.”

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I seem to recall seeing some survey research a dozen years ago indicating that about two-thirds of the Catholic priests responded rejected a signature doctrine and about 85% adhered to a portfolio of views which marked them of a type referred to by Fr. Joseph Wilson: 8775 Jungians, Unitarians, and goofies 8776 . And, of course, we do not have the pathologies we do (parody schooling, Ocrap Press, and lavender cliques) because we have conscientious bishops.

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That is great for you. Many of us have been called to homeschool by God. So it is not the answer for you. It is the answer for the million plus families who do it. I would watch your use of humble. It sounds like pride in response to those who do homeschool. You generalized way too much.

What Really Happened at Charlotte Catholic HS - Crisis

Well I grew up with hardy German food as well as some French and eastern European food and I for one really enjoy both western food as well as that greasy Vietnamese lemongrass pork and that amazing iced coffee they have.

If CCHS is such a cash cow, why is the diocese financially supporting the school? By comparison with other Charlotte private schools, CCHS is a bargain. The tuition there is not considered expensive.

They “resent the fact that a school wide assembly became a stage to blast the issue of homosexuality after Pope Francis said … ‘we cannot insist only on issues related to abortion, gay marriage, and the use of contraceptive methods.’”

As the mother of 67 children, it was a blessing that we couldn 8767 t afford Catholic Schools, regardless of how I pared down our budget. My kids received/are receiving an authentic Catholic education in the School of Love: the family, through homeschooling (K-8th grade).

Listen up! You won 8767 t, can 8767 t, will not get away with it. At some point you will be compelled to sit down at the dialogue table and discuss the question about the cause and origin of homosexuality. That big, fat elephant of a question will be plopped down on the table for all to dissect the consumption of its truth making one ill with the revelation that lies were propagated and lives destroyed, or sadly satisfied that truth was finally dished out for all to partake.

I didn 8767 t read anywhere that the student above was complaining about not being spoken to or interviewed. I still don 8767 t see the need to try to egg them on. What I 8767 m curious about is the fact that you still haven 8767 t addressed the fact that a number of different people on here have stated that your information is incorrect. How can you be so sure that you have all of the facts when you only admitted to talking to about 65 people out of the 6,555 that attended? Maybe it was those 65 people who were trying to keep things going instead of all of the others who chose not to speak publicly about it.

Don, you are correct. I don 8767 t care for this pope because he and the rest of the Post-Vatican popes have been to liberal for me, but no one ever adds to his quote if he is seeking God.

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