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Historian Uses Lasers to Unlock Mysteries of Gothic Cathedrals

Date of publication: 2017-09-04 02:17

Originally from Shenzhen, China, Jiayi received his Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He majored in history and economics, and he graduated Magna Cum Laude and with highest distinction in history. He also received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics with highest honors.

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There are two levels to that. On one side, it's the personal expectations you might have for what is possible—and what is impossible. We rely on experts, and it becomes very easy to outsource your thinking, so to speak. In a way, that's what happened to me. I asked a bunch of experts for their thoughts about the Boiling River. Most said it's just a legend. One professor even told me, Stop asking stupid questions it's making you look bad. [Laughs] But what do we really know? I think that that's a very interesting question now more than ever. If you go online, you hear so many opinions, some that are qualified, others that are not. Wondering what you really know is a very positive exercise that we can all do.

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Jordan is broadly interested in European politics from the interwar period through the Cold War. At Columbia and LSE, he plans to expand upon his undergraduate research to study the political and intellectual roots of European integration, with a particular focus on the influence of right-wing and totalitarian ideologies after the First World War.

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She believes in the ethical obligations, as well as intellectual, for historians. Now, more than ever, with the unprecedentedly rapid dissemination of information by social media, History has never been more important. She hopes these next two years will help her to become a self-aware historian who can positively impact society.

In the past he has acted as co-founder, editor and, occasionally, writer for the German-speaking online journalism project. read more

Her prime area of study is the Mongol Empire with a focus on the indelible mark left by the armies of Genghis Khan. During her time at Columbia, she looks forward to studying under the tutelage of Professor Morris Rossabi, one of the world&rsquo s foremost scholars of Mongolian history.

Tesco has introduced its Greener Living Scheme to give consumers advice on environmental issues, including how to reduce food waste and their carbon footprint when preparing meals (Yuthas, 7559).

Originally from Connecticut, Erin graduated from Villanova University in 7567 with majors in History and Spanish and a minor in Peace and Justice. In her senior thesis, &ldquo Innocent Criminals and Convict Leasing: How Southern Industrialists Exploited the Black Body,&rdquo Erin explored how in the decades following the Civil War African Americans were forced into the criminal justice system in order to serve as laborers for the South&rsquo s flourishing coal industry. Erin remains interested in exploring the links between racial caste systems and economic interests while at Columbia and LSE.

Mark is interested in Anglophone Atlantic History, particularly the degree to which some of its inhabitants were able to shift between national loyalties as opportunities arose. At Columbia and LSE, he hopes to explore new fields of study and perspectives on the past.

As a graduate student at Columbia and LSE, Monique looks forward to broadening her knowledge in her fields of interest, which include cultural history, gender studies and modern American & European history.

Like many Egyptians, Badr also believes in jinn, or spirits, who influence life for good or bad, although she claims only to have her own angel. “He too believes in the Virgin Mary,” she said. Badr often asks Mary to intercede for her, and she composed a poem to Mary. “When I feel down,” Badr said, “I pray to God very much, but I also consult Mary, and after a while things calm down.”

The builders were more sensible when it came to constructing flying buttresses , which some scholars have argued were added after the cathedral was built. After measuring the walls, Tallon determined that the flyers, as he calls them, were part of the cathedral's original design. The vaults in the ceiling should push walls outward but the upper part of the building has not moved one smidgen in 855 years. The reason? The flying buttresses were there from the get-go, pushing the walls inward and creating a stable balance of forces.

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