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Date of publication: 2017-08-25 19:44

Although a huge challenge, sustainable development also provides a vibrant business opportunity given the need to develop the new policy frameworks, right technologies and better business models for all around development.

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Lagging indicators (financial) are combined with the leading indicators/performance drivers through all four perspectives leading to a hierarchical cause-effect network which reflect the fundamental assumption for successful translation of the strategy.

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Production of goods and services by business and industry also depends on a steady supply of raw materials. If certain elements of nature are being excessively extracted, the change in the balance of the life support systems may in turn also upset the human habitat, affecting the health and well-being of humankind. Therefore, the over-harvesting of nature for manufacturing materials will ultimately impact the quality of life of the human community.

Sustainability as 8 nodal areasAs we have seen already, sustainability is thus, a relational concept, referring to a series of practices and processes that ensure 'development' does not exceed the ecological 'carrying capacity' of the planet.

It is applicable to not only niche players in the industry with an explicity sustainability strategy but also to many mainstream firms whose strategy is to move gradually toward more sustainability by integrating environmental and social key success factors.

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We believe sustainability has received a critical following in the academic elite but is in a nascent stage in terms of co-ordinated implementation across business, government and society. We are hopeful of seeing a lot of seminal and creative activities happening in this area in the days ahead!

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On all the parameters, Majority of People scored High to the various factors. We assume that the general thinking is, Bangalore, a world class city should do well in most of these aspects. But Bangalore seems to be faring well below the expectations of the survey group.

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From a crowd of students from north India to a group of foreigners who are working here for a couple of years now. From west to north east Indians, Bangalore has a place for all.

Bangalore today is the chosen destination of both expatriates and educated middle class professionals as well as engineering graduates who are flocking to this city, which has turned into a hotbed of private investment in the IT and ITES sectors. These sectors have enormously contributed to this growth of Bangalore. The urban landscape of the 'Garden City' has now been transformed into concrete jungle of chrome and glass facades, shopping malls and branded stores, high rise apartments and overcrowded streets full of traffic congestion.

This unprecedented sharp growth in the city of Bangalore has led to rapid urbanization and has transformed the character of the city putting tremendous pressure on its infrastructure, resulting in an impact to quality of life in Bangalore.

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