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Date of publication: 2017-08-31 00:06

Daniel Yaw Fiaveh is a sex sociologist/anthropologist with interest in the construction of masculinities, representation of men and boys, sexual cultures, and social cultural determinants of health. His current research focuses on penile discourses and conceptualizations in Africa. Daniel is an alumnus of the University of Ghana, Legon and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva.

Recent MLA graduate to present thesis at ECLAS conference

Saint Mary's University, Halifax, 6st Prize, Emily Ann Walker for the presentation titled 'Native-Planted Green Roofs serve as habitat for wild bees'

Graduate Studies | College of Arts - University of Guelph

Natalya Mason is the Education/Outreach Coordinator at Saskatoon Sexual Health. She completed a BA in Psychology at the University of Saskatchewan, and a BSW at the University of Regina. She is currently completing an MA in Women&rsquo s, Gender, and Sexualities Studies at the University of Saskatchewan. Her research addresses social barriers to condom use for adolescent girls. She has worked in classrooms throughout Saskatchewan, and has a collection of eleven wooden demo penises.

2016 Student Awards - Canadian Society for Bioengineering

Undergraduate Thesis Award - Cliff Dueck for a thesis entitled “Impact resistance and calorific values of oat hull pellets with algae binding agent” (Advisor: S. Cenkowski)

"My advisor and various members of the Department have provided me with a wide range of experiences which I think have been essential to securing a tenure track position (including teaching, service and research). My experience has been excellent and this is due to the opportunities provided by, and support offered from, the department and particularly my advisor." - Janay Nugent, . (Guelph '97), . (Guelph '55) Associate Professor, University of Lethbridge

A passionate community organizer, Jasper established and is the current director and program coordinator for the transgender and gender variant non-profit organization Gender Intersect. An avid independent researcher, Jasper has been dissecting the world of gender, hormones and behaviour through the lens of their own gender transition and of the transition of those around them.

Graduate Thesis Award (MSc) - Hamid K Hamedani for a thesis entitled “Logistics modeling of biomass supply chain in Ontario” (Advisors: Drs. S. Sokhansanj and A. Lau).

. applicants will be required to choose between a thesis-based . and a course-based at the time of application. Applicants who have a potential . supervisor in mind are strongly advised to consult with their potential supervisor before making this choice.

Ash is a proud, professional pervert. Freshly legal, they joined up with The Pleasure Chest Chicago for four years as a dildo-slinger, social media manager, and purveyor of knowledge. Their resulting educational journey has led them to Twisted Tryst, Dark Odyssey, Chi-Fi, BEDx, and a host of other conventions, schools, munches, groups, and private events focused on holistic health. They&rsquo re now thrilled to work with Early to Bed, an independent feminist sex store with strong ties to local communities. Ash also staffs some of Chicago's longest-standing kink & sex-positive spaces, attends school for psychology and disability culture, and (in their spare time) investigates the mysteries of -isms, constructive and harmful.

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