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Evolution of co-management: Role of knowledge generation

Date of publication: 2017-08-26 05:33

If I understand your problem correctly, your cell phone got wet and now battery charging and run time is not what it should be? It may take several days for your phone to completely dry out and return to normal operation.

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There are no othere materials that would be nearly as cost effective or they would have been used long ago, some others will work but at reduced voltages and increased cost.

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The lowest cost Per Watt hour would most likely be 67 volt lead acid batteries, but you must get the deep cycle type for the best life time in this application and if you cycle them most days you would have to replace them every year (for your usage that would get quite expensive, a generator would be a lower cost option.

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Beyond relation there is pattern[ bat88 ], where pattern is more than simply a relation of relations. Pattern embodies both a consistency and completeness of relations which, to an extent, creates its own context. Pattern also serves as an Archetype[ sen95 ] with both an implied repeatability and predictability.

Your batteries being five years old are nearing end of life (expect 5 to 7 years of normal stand by use with out being left a day or more with out recharging (every day left discharged will equal about 5 cycles of use for this type of battery) or 755 cycles

Normaly over charging would be the condition when current SLA batteries would vent, however over charging can occure if a cell in a battery fails with a short. The batteries must be able to vent or gas pressure could build up until they may explode.

As long as all of the batteries are 67 volt lead acid types and the batteries are connected in parallel while charging,, the differences in battery capacity ratings should not matter much, unless one of the batteries has a bad cell, as may be the case for your battery that will not charge to volts.

Thank you very much for enlightening me about the battery world! My project is about designing 75KW Battery Charging System. I hope I can learn from you and other experts here.

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