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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 13:55

This post just got linked by Glen Reynolds 8767 Instapundit Feed. Professor Reynolds is pretty much the internet godfather of the main-stream Red tribe, Senators read his blog. You might have already noticed from watching incoming links, but if you were looking to get the 8775 others 8776 attention you have it, at least to some degree.

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I want to avoid a very easy trap, which is saying that outgroups are about how different you are, or how hostile you are. I don 8767 t think that 8767 s quite right.

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One thing that annoys me that even the Blue Tribe on Reddit casually assumes that everybody who can write a comment in acceptable English must be American or at least more or less from the Anglosphere. I don 8767 t think it is consciously marginalizing nationalism, but it is something sort of a privilege-bubble, same way how male is the default gender, if someone asks a question on a website like Reddit like 8775 Do you think it is possible today to live without a car? 8776 and it is not pointed out _where_ exactly, then of course it is assumed the question is about whether it is possible in America.

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Same here. It 8767 s always been my sorta-naive understanding that mathy folks were far more likely to be theistic than sciency folks, and I think for the reason you state: a kind of gesture toward Platonism.

In the last thread I said that 8775 All Debates Are Bravery Debates 8776 was the most useful thing you had ever written. I think it may have just been dethroned. I hope you don 8767 t mind too much if I link this from other places, because I think people really need to see it (and that you 8767 ve managed to avoid coming across as too threatening to any particular ingroup, so there shouldn 8767 t be too much danger in doing so).

By contrast, my righty buddies simply round off the left as the anti-right. So if they are Pro Life and the left opposes them then the left must be Pro Death. If they oppose Big Government then the left must be Pro Big Government (not pro things Big Government can do, but explicitly Pro Big Government).

Oh, and paleoconservatives are 8775 highly educated 8776 far beyond Team Blue the writers for Chronicles are the sort of people who have read Greek and Latin classics in the original and the subscribers are the sort of people who wish they had.

Friedman strikes me as the quintessential hyper-smart person with a mix of actually strong convictions, and trying to achieve his goals by fashionable opportunism[6], so he 8767 s a much better salesman than OGH here anyway.

Dalits definitely exist in serious numbers and they don 8767 t map onto tribes Red, Blue or Gray. It 8767 s going to be difficult to give them a color code without violating the 8775 don 8767 t be an ass hole 8776 rule. And it 8767 s also going to be difficult to describe them in terms of cultural signifiers without breaking the no ass hole rule.

I assume Veronica is more *threatened* by bigots superior to themself, which seems like a very reasonable position. One can tolerate people more easily when they have no power over you when the ones above you dislike your kind, it greatly increases the chance (or at least the fear) that you 8767 ll suffer for their opinions.

Everyone will agree that [things they see as] unjust are unjust. Use that definition and your objection becomes trivial. There just aren 8767 t any Motte-Racists.

The Emperor pauses for a minute, deep in thought. Then he frowns and asks the Bodhidarma 8775 But wait, doesn 8767 t that incentivize bigotry? 8776

Libertarians and their gray allies (like Scott) are the most prominent group approaching American politics from a non-red-vs.-blue perspective, and there 8767 s something of a tradition in American political iconography of using the color gray to mean neither red nor blue (as with political candidates who are registered independents, for example). I don 8767 t think it has anything to do with anarchism.

You definitely shouldn 8767 t be forgiving. Forgiving someone doesn 8767 t mean accepting them despite not liking what they do. It means accepting that they no longer do something that they once did. If you hate another group, and a member of that group leaves it and enters your group, being forgiving means recognizing that they have cut all ties with their old group and are no longer loyal to it. That is not something you should be hoping for.

As a blue with feet of Texas red who calls herself a 8775 citizen of the world 8776 (and voted for one for president), I 8767 m kind of pleased when reds who feel 8775 intensely patriotic 8776 about America* say I 8767 m not a 8775 real American 8776 .

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