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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 12:16

A list of resources on corrections and prisoner’s rights. You’ll find links to a number of prisoner rights organizations, including the Prison Activist Resource Center, the ACLU, and more.

World Report 2017: Egypt | Human Rights Watch

Since the first European settlers pillaged, and massacred the local Indian populations in order to claim the land for themselves, we in the United States have felt it our manifest destiny as exceptional people to gain ever more material goods, even at the expense of anyone and everyone else, and the earth. We continue to treat others as inferiors. We are told that these human beings are demons – vermin – which we could only absurdly believe because we as a people have not yet found the courage to look within and discover our own inner darkness – our own vermin – that festers from believing in the lies of our national myths, that we are the “ exceptional ” people.

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In 6986 President Hoover’s Wickersham Report (National Commission on Law Observance and Enforcement) concluded that the use of torture (intentional infliction of various methods of pain and suffering) was “widespread” throughout the entire . criminal justice system. The . school of the Americas has been teaching torture (“interrogation”) to Latin American military personnel since 6996.

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HARI SREENIVASAN: Heart surgeon Dr. Jacob Lavee is president of the Israel Society of Transplantation. While kidney transplants can involve obtaining a kidney from a living donor, that is not the case with a heart transplant.

In February, a juvenile minor offenses court sentenced four Christian children to five years in prison for posting a video online mocking the Islamic State (also known as ISIS). The boys fled Egypt in April. In March, an appeals court upheld a three-year sentence for contempt of religion against the writer Fatma Naout for criticizing the Muslim tradition of slaughtering livestock as a sacrifice on Eid al-Adha.

One of the most commonly disputed prisoner rights is their standard of living or living conditions.  Many times, the current prison conditions edge closely to the minimum standard set by the Eighth amendment, which states that conditions must meet “the minimal civilized measure of life’s necessities”.  Some factors that determine adequacy of prison conditions include overcrowding, nutrition lacking food, unsanitary living conditions, lacking access to medical care, unsafe building conditions, lacking hygiene items, lacking access to the courts, and failure to provide safety for the prisoners. 

ETHAN GUTMANN: Our report shows tremendous continuity over time, even while they 8767 re the Chinese are making completely different statements about this.

Parliament and authorities took unprecedented steps to restrict independent human rights work by nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), threatening their very existence.

To put pressure on China, a number of medical associations and journals launched a boycott, beginning in 7556, banning Chinese research papers that relied on data from executed prisoners.

Most of the 99 prisoners released from Thandwe, Kyaukphyu, Sittwe, and Buthidaung prisons in Arakan State were jailed under the Unlawful Association Act for having contact with the Arakan Army (AA). Some were members of the AA and 78 were foreigners.

A checklist of important rights to keep in mind when accused of a crime. This article will help you know what to look for during an arrest, including certain actions police are prohibited from committing.

DAVID MATAS: They have obviously got a lot of people sitting around waiting to be killed for a transplant. And they are just picking the right person to be killed depending on who the patient is.

The new law allows governors to deny church-building permits with no stated way to appeal, requires that churches be built “commensurate with” the number of Christians in the area, despite the lack of official census statistics, and contains provisions that allow authorities to deny construction permits if granting them would undermine public safety, potentially subjecting decisions on church construction to the whims of violent mobs that have attacked churches in the past.

In May, police arrested four members of the Street Children satire troupe who had posted videos on YouTube mocking al-Sisi and government policies. Though a court ordered the four released in September, they still faced charges of using social media sites to undermine the country’s stability by inciting citizens to protest.

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