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Date of publication: 2017-08-24 11:00

The CPS' duties on assisting the court in the sentencing process (for example, reminding the court of its powers when sentencing following conviction) were not specifically considered in the research. Neither was its role in making an order following a finding that an offender is unfit to plead or is found 'not guilty by reason of insanity'.

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Prosecution of offenders with mental health problems or

Another commented: '.the key for me is making sure that things are flagged up at an early stage that the information is there for us ' (District Crown Prosecutor). The same individual also described the importance of information provided to the CPS in relation to those 'low-level offences' dealt with at the Magistrates' Court. The emphasis here flowed from the system in operation, that is, a fast track file an associate prosecutor a relative high case volume and, perhaps, no advance sight of the files under review.

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The CPS recognises that there are complexities and sensitivities around definition and terminology in this area. For the purposes of this report, the terms 'offenders with mental health problems or learning disabilities' and 'mentally disordered offenders' are used. The term 'offenders with mental health problems or learning disabilities' is used by Lord Bradley in his review and throughout Improving Health, Supporting Justice , and it is the term used in this report when referring to the wider policy context. The statutory definition of 'mentally disordered offenders' is used in relation to the decisions taken by prosecutors and within this definition are offenders with learning disabilities.

A deliverable can include any objectives or milestones within a project. This can include the creation of products, services, or processes. Additionally, it can include incremental changes, staged across the project plan, used to help govern or assess the pace of the project’s progress.

            Dry needling obviously falls outside most of these subsections, but could arguably fit within subsection (b), so we focus our analysis there. Subsection (b) allows “[a]lleviating impairments and functional limitations in movement by designing, implementing, and modifying interventions [.]” In a very general sense, dry needling is a intervention,” and the literature describing the practice indicates that it alleviates impairments or limitations in movement. But the remainder of subsection (b) narrows the expansive opening language by limiting the term interventions” with a list of interventions and practices. Under subsection (b), the scope of practice includes:

            In short, we believe that the best reading of current law is that dry needling falls outside the lawful practice of physical therapy. Admittedly, this reading of the statutory language may be debated by reasonable minds. But we also found no legislative history to suggest that the legislature intended to either include dry needling or to leave the matter open for individual practitioners to expand the scope of the profession by adopting a new practice.

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